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      So, this might not be exactly a video suggestion but more a content suggestion, because I think this would work really well on social media with other people sharing their own versions, but I didn’t find a sub for that ^^

      Basically, the title says it all 🙂

      What would your ideal Season Calendar look like? How many races would there be? Which races would be dropped, which races would make a return? How do you design the events order? Do you take stuff like keeping down Travel-Emissions by racing in close-together circuits, or do you just go for the most exciting calendar? Where do you put highlight tracks? Which one is the opener, which one is the final? And also, on a final – do you put more great racing tracks at the end to have a great title decider track, no matter if it happens at the third to last race or the last race?

      I don’t know if this suits your video style, bit for social media with people sharing their own calendar? That could be great!

      I really like the idea and thought about doing it myself, but I don’t think I have the following/reach to get this to as many people participating as possible, and I think it needs that because it could really be fun and spark some interesting discussions! 🙂

      I hope the formatting is okay on this, as I am writing this on mobile. Also, if you find any grammar or spelling mistake, they are a feature not a bug 😛

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