GeorgeGeorge Thomas

This is fun: and fair to complicated but here I go again…….

1st Place: LEWIS HAMILTON …. good luck with that this will be the biggest challenge of his career and he will struggle…

2nd Place: Sebastian VETTEL …… This man has a point to prove and this will be the year were, experience and race craft will count.

3rd Place: Valteri BOTTAS ….. by the smallest of margins, lucky with the car, his consistancy and some brilliant decisions from his TEAM.

4th Charles LECLERC ….. Just missed out, thats all you can say, top 4 drivers all struggled getting it right as did Verstappen and Albion. The improved Ferrari really helped to keep them away from the Red Bulls.

5th place: ALEX ALBION …… Because he did the best of the two Red Bull drivers and kept his driver clean, not forced to yeld…. THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO HERE…. sadly I can see Verstappen spitting the dummy any time Albion is out in front and it will be in the hands of the Team to manage his petulance.

6th place: Max Verstappen ….. Will not be happy here, expects to challenge from the first race but failed to change his driving when it was needed.

7th place: LANDO NORRIS ….. Unbelieveable car, worked hard with his team and Carlos Sainz…. Traded positions many times with both Sainz and Riccardio but stayed in front more often than not.

8th place: Daniel Riccardio …. Another brilliant mid-field car that could be driven at pace, did get lucky more often than Sainz. Reliabilty the suprise and crutial here.

9th Place: Carlos Sainz …. This is not exactly unlucky given the car he was driving but he was not as consistant and his team mate or the other drivers above him.

10th Place: ESTABAN OCON ….. Not sure he will be here, he gets the wild card up or down as many as THREE POSITIONS

11th Place: Sergio PEREZ ….. With the car he has he gets the Joker card, he may get lucky and finish here or he could lose THREE POSITIONS

12th Place: Perrie GASLEY ….. fingers crossed I have to give this guy another wild card….. depending on his luck he may finish THREE PLACES up or down.

13th Place: Kimi RAIKONNEN ….. Not the best place to finish but he managed to show that experience and skills can make the difference.

14th Place: Lance Stroll ….. Finally showed that he could keep up and keep it clean

15th Place: GOERGE RUSSEL ….. Thanks to a very tight season for all the mid-field he made the best of the rest group and again that may be my last JOKER CARD up or down one place.

16th Place: Grosjean …. played well, did get some places but the car still needs work.

17th Place: Kyvat…. had a point to prove but things did not go his way.

18th Place: Magnussen …. did not play well, struggled with his car lucky to be kept with the Team for the full season.

19th Place Giovanni ….. another driver who did what he could, got some points but finished 11th more than anyone else this year.

20th Place Latifi …. Had his chances…. will get points sadly so will everyone else…. Stepped up well finished twice in the points with best finish 9th.




THIRD PLACE RED BULL but only just

FOURTH PLACE McLaren both drivers lacked the consistancy of the RED BULL TEAM but it was close right to the last race…..

FIFTH PLACE RENAULT …. This team gets the JOKER CARD for Team performance, should they do better than 5th place any of the top four teams could be here….. prime losers could be Red Bull and McLaren.

6th Place Racint Point …. With the consistancy of both drivers they battled well ALL YEAR LONG… it will be close

7th Place AlphaTauri …. they yoyo’ed and should really have been closer to the top but things will not go well for the new team, mirroring the effects of Red Bull solid but not good enough.

8th Place HAAS …. Okay this is not making sence to me either, how could the drivers do so well and the Team fail like this….

9th Place WILLIAMS …. Just because I can… would like to put them higher but even my crystal balls says they will be lucky to get off the bottom of the table this year.

10th Place Alpha Romeo ….. Another odd points team that almost made it to 6th place team but didn’t