DuckyDucky Dludlu

1. Valterri bottas- Because everyone underestimated nico, and look what happened ( Porridge gang for LYF.)
2. Lewis Hamilton- Lewis wins a lot of titles because he gets to keep his nose clean(no collisions/retirements) and
with max and charles on the come up they will target lewis allowing valterri to pick up the
3. Sebastian Vettel- because the ferrari will have more rear downforce (less suited to charles) and 2019 was tbh
his only “BAD” year at ferrari and i believe ppl are blowing it out of proportion.
4. Charles Leclerc – basically put poles came from ferrari’s top speed in a car more suited to him and with that
not in his favour this season i predict few poles if any. Race pace also needs some work.
5. Maxamillion Verstappen- Because Lets Be Honest Red bull will produce a shit car when compared to mercedes and
ferrari, in terms of how many races it can expect to win also max is beating lewis is being
overhyped but more on that later.
6. albon : if he doesnt improve he wont even get a podium, great overtaking but struggles to keep up with the top guys.

7. Perez : racing point more financially stable
8. Sainz : Maclaren is overhyped.
9. Riccardo : think hes dope but for how long? also renualt is a dumpster fire.
10. Lando : renault engines basically suck.
11. Ocon : hes decent, renault still dumpster fire though.
12. Pierre : one of the best drivers on the grid, redbull maldanadoed his career though.
13 .Grosjean : honestly great guy, new livery is dope feel like team will still suck though.
14 .Magman : i feel he’ll crash at least once (more than once)
15 danill : he’ll unleash his ‘dark’ side way too often this season, may also lack motivation after last year(no
promotion to red bull).
16. lance stroll : idk man feel like he dont got pressure therefore he wont improve.
17. kimi : i believe hes just seeing out the contract too
18. Gio : Cant beleive his so close in line to a ferrari seat at the moment, but he’s improving.
19. latifi-……
20. Russell- beacuse imma be that guy