The Secret Behind Sainz’s 2019 F1 Season

The Sainz Norris battle of 2019 didn’t seem like much of a battle at all. But now with the Formula 1 2020 season is well underway and as of now, it appears Norris has the upper hand which has shocked some people. Now this may still turn as Carlos has an incredible amount of potential and seems to develop just as fast as the car is but these initial shock waves amongst the F1 community aren’t consistent with the data mention here before winter testing.

I’ve finally laid out all the explanations and analysis that led to what has so far been a correct prediction in the 2020 Sainz Norris battle in The Curious Case Of Carlos Sainz original F1 content video you can find on the official CYM YouTube channel. Subscribe if you haven’t already so you never miss out as that’s where I first publish these videos. I’ve also posted the video below for your convenience. You can find the Time Stamps underneath to respect your time. Enjoy! 

Curious Case Of Carlos Sainz Timestamps

  • Setting the setting the stage with 2020: 1:39
  • The Model Explained: 6:46
  • Data Carlos didn’t want you to see: 8:33
  • Why the 2018 season is a good case study: 10:49
  • Proof Red Bull made the right call in 2019 swapping: 12:40
  • How Albon proved Red Bull right in 2019: 16:16
  • This is about setting Sainz up for success, nothing more, nothing less: 18:23

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