Where Does Ferrari’s 2020 Season Rank Amongst Worst Seasons Ever?

The Ferrari 2020 Formula 1 campaign has left many Tifosi on hard times – and understandably so. But is this season as bad as people make it out to be? Rather than echo that sentiment blindly, I did what I always do… dig. 

In the video I’ve made available above, you will find 5 Formula 1 stories explaining the seasons and events that led to other seasons that currently rank lower than 2020 for The Scuderia.

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Ferrari 2020 Season In Perspective Timestamps

  • The Ranking Process: 2:00
  • Allergic To Aero: 3:00
  • The season Ferrari almost pulled the plug (ACTUALLY): 6:00
  • Recovering From The Loss of a Titan: 10:13
  • FIAT Cash & Restructure: 14:05
  • The Flat 12 Nightmare: 16:44
  • Where Does 2020 Rank, REALLY?: 19:52

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