Formula 1 2020 Preview & Ultimate Guide: F1 Original Videos

In this Formula 1 2020 Preview original content video you’ll get a summary of the 2020 F1 season and all the important things to know. I’ll highlight notable changes you need to know going into the off-season and I’ll keep you informed as new things emerge. There are going to be plenty of things not talked about this in this video as I either plan to talk about it separately or I didn’t feel it was mission critical. Let me know in the comments if you feel something is need to know and wasn’t mentioned. With so many changes in 2021 on the way, 2020 is going to FLY by. It’s important we get our bearings early and so we don’t miss what feels like a holding pattern year. Time Stamps Below:

  • The Drivers: 0:28
  • The Teams: 2:04
  • Renault Specific Changes: 4:07
  • 2020 F1 Noteworthy Rule/Regulation Changes: 6:49

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