The Thrilling Story Of The Formula 1 2010 Season: F1 Original Videos

The Formula 1 2010 season was the true test of world champions. As we head into the 2020 F1 season , we can use this as a baseline to see a driver’s grit and determination in the face of trying times. This is uniquely suited for the likes of Sebastian Vettel and how things fell apart at Ferrari, but how they can return. But now just Vettel – how all drivers with the will to win have a chance despite their machinery. Let’s never forget the Formula 1 2010 season or the Formula 1 2012 season as these epic journeys are gifts from the drivers passed to us fans. If you enjoy Formula 1 content and want more of it, make sure to subscribe to the Cranky Yankee Motorsport YouTube Channel and hit the bell so you never miss an update. It’s where I first post these videos for you. Time Stamps Below to respect your time:

  • Fernando Sets The Tone – 1:03
  • The Threat Of McLaren – 5:19
  • Red Bull’s Worst Nightmare Comes True – 9:17
  • Not Bad For A #2 Driver – 14:05
  • Fernando Is Faster Than You – 17:00
  • Alonso’s Monza Miracle – 22:53 Alonso Takes Control – 27:30
  • 4 Driver Battle Royale In The Final Grand Prix Of The Season – 31:08

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