Ferrari Proves Glory At All Costs: Ferrari vs. The Grid

This video shows the FULL picture of what happened in Japan, how Ferrari proved in PLAIN SITE they ONLY care about results & are willing to sacrifice other driver’s lives, and how Leclerc actually got hung out to dry. Please help me bring you more F1 stories by subscribing:

Timestamps For This Video:

Series Of Events: 1:42

Leclerc Never ACTUALLY Refused To Pit… His Garage Put Him In An Impossible Spot: 5:27

My Defense Of Charles Leclerc: 6:58

Ferrari Garage Is At Fault: 8:15

Hamilton’s DANGER & First Contact With Leclerc’s Debris: 19:44

Going Into The Defining Moment: 22:47

PROOF Ferrari Are Open About Not Caring: 24:26

Penalties Are Cited For The Wrong Offence: 29:27

€25,000 Is Child’s Play To Similar Punitive Penalties: 33:54

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