Why Aren’t There More Americans In Formula 1? : F1 Original Videos

In this Formula 1 original content video, why an American driver is consciously absent from the grid for the 2020 F1 season in an unbiased analysis. As an F1 journalist and content creator, this story captures two critical reasons it is borderline impossible for Americans in Formula 1 to exist, let alone have meaningful careers.

Time Stamps

  • ACT 1 – TRADITION: 1:17
  • How Bootlegging Changed American AutoRacing: 1:36
  • The Legendary Bill France SR: 3:16
  • How The Formula 1 Championship Marked Another Major Shift: 4:17
  • ACT 2 – Development: 6:13
  • Lewis Hamilton’s Path To Formula 1 Fame: 7:27
  • American Drivers Who Made The Move To Formula 1: 10:25
  • Reframing The Question: 13:55

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