2005 US Grand Prix Formula 1 Controversy: F1 Original Videos

The 2005 US Grand Prix did irreparable damage to Formula 1’s ability to grow in the United States. But just what happened that day when only 6 cars started a Formula 1 race? We’ve since left The Indianapolis Motor Speedway and continue to race at The Circuit of The Americans according to the 2020 F1 season calendar. But a lot of other things were different that makes the 2005 US Grand Prix story unique – find out now! Time Stamps Below to respect your time:

  • What do we need to know about the 2005 US Grand Prix for this story to make sense? – 0:23
  • The REAL reason tyres failed at the 05 US grand prix (allegedly): 1:45
  • The science behind the tyre failure (explained simply take it easy geniuses out there) – 3:25
  • Michelin throws in the towel – 4:42
  • Modeling out Schumi’s hot lap at the Indy GP (vs proposed chicane): 5:23
  • What were the options that could have resulted in the grid racing? – 6:03
  • My pathetic attempt at cartoon animation (i respect animators more than life now): 6:26
  • I take the boomer approach to this controversy – 8:31
  • Check out my social medias – 9:15

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