Does Alex Albon Deserve The Red Bull F1 2020 Seat With Verstappen? F1 News Videos

In this video, we’ll talk about Alex Albon’s performance this year & compare his rookie season to Verstappen’s. By the end you’ll should have an opinion whether he deserves a seat with Red Bull F1 in the 2020 season.

Timestamps For This Video:

Setting the stage: 0:26

The challenge & question for you: 1:10

New viewers info 1:19

Albon’s challenges:1:33 Albon’s charges are diluted: 2:15

Driver of the Day 2x with 2 teams: 3:10

Nod to Checo: 4:04

Can’t compare Max to Albon outright: 4:23

Limitation 1 analyzing albons rookie season vs. Verstappen’s: 5:37

Limitation 2: 6:07

Limitation 3: 6:39

Race by race breakdown of the first 7 Red Bull races Albon vs. Verstappen: 7:22

Modified results after factoring in Verstappen’s DNFs: 8:08 *Worth noting on the above in the video, Verstappen’s tally is 46, it’s 45. Math is hard.* How Albon’s situation differs from Verstappen’s


Surprise recent subscriber shoutouts: 10:22

Bonus end credit content: 10:54

Important Notes:

  • This video is not meant to compare Verstappen to Albon. Any comparison it to illuminate the job Albon has done.
  • After the analysis, I have a bias to follow the data that supports Albon without a shadow of a doubt deserves that seat without question. But while doing the analysis, I did my best to keep an open mind.
  • Any mention of another driver is not meant to slight that driver. Merely, again, to give perspective. – The situations for all drivers mentioned are different I understand that. But it’s contrasted to help understand Albon’s effectiveness in his rookie season. Don’t find a way to take any of those mentions to your favorite drivers personal. It’s not about that.

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