F1 Standings

Formula 1 sees the number 1 car back on the grid for the first time in a while thanks to Max Verstappen’s usurpring of reigning champion, Lewis Hamilton. An odd site indeed as the Turbo Hybrid Era’s conclusion coincides with the long standing dominance of Sir Lewis Hamilton. And it appears the same is true for the Silver Arrows who find themselves on the back foot thanks for the horses of Ferrari prancing again. They are not the only ones to return to the fight as Kevin Magnussen would also make his way back with Haas and Alex Albon returns but with Williams. The musical chairs was triggered by Valtteri Bottas replacing Antionio Giovinazzi who said his goodbyes in 2021 along with Kimi Raikkonen to make room for Guanyu Zhou. George Russell is promoted to the hot seat pairing Hamilton in what is sure to be a great battle.


With the midfield stronger than ever and the top end of the standings especially in their prime with the likes of Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, & Carlos Sainz, 2022 may just be the most competitive season in recent memory. 





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