Brazilian Grand Prix Starting Grid In Pictures 

The second to last Formula 1 race takes us to Interlagos as the Brazilian Grand Prix starting grid makes critical battles in the F1 standings even more interesting.

Leclerc holds on to the P3 slot in the drivers championship by slim margins. He’s being chased down by drivers who appear on the front row as Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel look to close the gap. To make matters more dramatic, Leclerc earned a 10 place grid penalty putting blood in the water as he’ll have to climb back from P14. Both Vettel and Verstappen have a more than reasonable shot at leap frogging Leclerc in the standings today. But to do so, they must deliver on their qualifying performance and translate it to the race while Leclerc must not implode or have an incident rushing overtakes. What’s gaurenteed is exciting driving and entertainment. Let’s go racing! 

P1. Verstappen

P2. Vettel

P3. Hamilton

P4. Bottas

P5. Albon

P6. Gasly

P7. Grosjean

P8. Raikkonen

P9. Magnussen

P10. Norris

P11. Giovinazzi

P12. Ricciardo

P13. Hulkenberg

P14. Leclerc

P15. Perez

P16. Kvyat

P17. Stroll

P18. Russell

P19. Kubica

P20. Sainz




Brazil GP