Let’s get a couple things out of the way immediately before we begin:

  1. I like Charles Leclerc.
  2. If you are a REAL fan of F1 & motorsport, you’ll view this openly.

Okay great. now let’s talk about how Leclerc egregiously violates 3 FIA rules in 10 laps only to be ignored by the FIA and go on to win the 2019 Italian Grand Prix in Monza.

This video is going to get hammered by the algorithms as it’s independent commentary cutting against a major channel’s narrative. Also by blindly devoted fans of Leclerc who will downvote this not understanding you can disagree and comment but dislikes just bc you’re triggered actually suppresses the content. Get this video out and let’s talk. Like, subscribe, and share if you feel I’ve earned it. More than anything, I wanted to advance the F1 dialogue so I appreciate your perspective regardless of what it is.

Also note – I’m not calling for the win to be taken or anything. But let’s stop pretending this was wildly against the rules. Had it been Max, everyone would have crushed him online. So all I ask is you view with an open mind.

See the video content below as well as an analysis underneath that:

Here are the 3 main incidents I cite in the video that the FIA should have called for penalties on for Charles Leclerc:

1. Leclerc Leaves No Room For Lewis Hamilton

For this first incident Leclerc got a black flag. who in in striking distance. Now, I’ll say I DON’T think a penalty should have been given. But the point of the black flag is to remind the drivers you are under more scrutiny and to drive more safely or you’ll be penalized. So that said, if this wasn’t a string of incidents, I’m totally okay. This position is perfectly in line with my position vs the Max at Hungary. They were very different however It’s not fair to switch when it suits. This move while hard racing, too aggressive and unfair if I had to ask, I wouldn’t have fully agreed with a penalty.

Here is the link to my video I referenced with Max & Charles: https://youtu.be/amwodIb0m0g

2. Leclerc Cut the Turn 4 Chicane

There’s no where in the rule book that protects a driver from cutting the chicane. There have been decisions made by the FIA and them openly saying sometimes it’s not necessary to penalize, but I challenge you to decide if this was a situation, in conjunction with the other violations, where a driver needed to be penalized. It was AFTER receiving the unsportsmanlike flag, mind you. Check out this article from Motorsport where they clear up the chicane cutting.

3. Leclerc’s Double Defensive Move

Just a turn later, Charles pulls a double defensive move which if you saw live, you’d likely agree with the broadcasters it was jarring to say the least watching him “zigzagging” across the track. This is not allowed under any circumstance and was made immensely clear after Vettel defending Hamilton in Russia last year – a move from Sebs I was highly critical of at the time as well.

All in all, if done separately, aside form the chicane, I would be okay with. But it was in a string of laps. And if your defense is “he was just hard defending” then you have proof right there you’re not objective. There is a difference between hard defending and being unsafe and unfair. ANY OTHER DRIVER and all hell would have broken loose. This won’t get talked about because F1 loves fairy tales but you need to see the evidence.

My problem is with the FIA being consistency inconsistent. This sort of governing of these drivers could lead to injury or worse. Look for more issues to come down the pipeline and watching the FIA chase their own tails as they manage the dangerous precedent they just set at the 2019 Italian Grand Prix.

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