The F1 Live Timing Platform created by Cranky Yankee Motorsport offered to you here today for free creates an immersive, interactive Formula 1 experience. Take back control of your Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend and follow events without compromise. Access F1 live results and important Formula 1 Grand Prix information from on your time from the comfort of your phone of computer. You can also enhance your F1 experience and use the F1 Live Platform to follow live race information sector-by-sector.  

F1 Live Timing By Fans, For Fans

F1 live timing has been one of those things that Formula 1 fans have dreamt about. The issue with finding Formula 1 data is that so much of what happens with Formula 1 is controlled by Formula One Management & Liberty Media. When you have a controlling interest that doesn’t seem to understand the behavior tendencies of their audience and fanbase, it’s a recipe for missing the mark. A MAJOR way F1 (I’ll simply refer to the controlling interests of the media rights to Formula 1 as “F1” henceforth to save you some time) has misunderstood their audience is in the development, or lack-thereof, of their fan engagement race.

F1 has seemed to not understand that fans want to enjoy their F1 content without technical issues, have social aspects, and have control over the type of information they receive from their race feed. The middle of those three commonly being the major key. So when it was announced that F1 was launching an attempt to deliver on this in 2018, many of us in the motorsport community were elated.

But soon realized it was too good to be true.

Aside from the lack of social features, chat functionality, community involvement and others, it was just always down. There are literal reddit rooms of running odds about whether F1 will apologize for a race failing to even show up. I myself received a refund from F1 for a string of races that just would not play due to technical problems.

What became shockingly clear to me was that F1 fans just want the data.

They want the numbers.

And they want it without compromise.

If you have to sacrifice reliability and technical issues with how beautiful something looks, there isn’t a Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, or Max Verstappen fan out there who would give up knowing in real time their favorite driver made the overtake and are on to clean air.

F1 Live Timing For Every Single Session With ZERO Fee

Which is why we’re happy to bring you an F1 Live Timing Platform that does it’s job and then some. The first sector-by-sector live F1 data tracker 100% FREE and available to the public.

The F1 Live Timing platform is publicaly available to anyone with an internet connection at no cost 100% free. This will be true throughout the remainder of the 2019 season with plans potentially to have you register only so you can access to incredible new features being deployed like:

  • An interactive build your own schedule tool where you can select your own custom team branding, time zones, race information, etc.
  • Drag and drop charts so you can see F1 data the way you want in a few, easy clicks
  • Save your favorite articles and interact with the F1 community

There are some other sites that offer you lap-by-lap data. But at that rate, what’s the point? You’re missing out on a number of important overtakes or any other major drama. In F1, everything happens in a flash. What sets this apart from anyone else with F1 live data available is that with Cranky Yankee Motorsport’s proprietary platform, you’ll get access to live data that updates more than a dozen times before you know the lap score of your favorite driver.

That’s right – you now have access to sector-by-sector F1 live timing data to either suit your needs if you are on the go or can’t be near a TV. This data refresh speed is also useful for anyone with the race on right in front of them. No longer follow around Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull when you want to watch Lando, Carlos, Sergio, or Albon drive through and battle.

With this platform, you can watch the screen light up and track their sector times while experiencing the animated data viz of their cars moving on screen in sync with their track performance. This is a developing feature we are building to compensate for the fact that F1 has a rigid hold on TV rights to all things F1. But the F1 Live Timing Platform waiting for you gives you such an immersive experience all you’ll be missing is the piercing voice of David Croft in your ears.

The F1 Live Timing Platform will give you full access to every single second of the race weekend which includes the following:

F1 Qualifying

Each Grand Prix hosts the electric F1 Qualifying rounds on Saturday of Grand Prix weekend. Most of the actual drama occurs in these sessions where it’s ironically one of the only times the drivers are actually driving at full capacity. 

F1 Races

Grand Prix events will be covered from start to finish and also some functionality around rolling commentary updates exclusively offered to those using the Live Timing Platform. 

F1 Practice Sessions

FP sessions are where the real insights come from. With four hours of test set ups, data gathering, and simulation runs, you can walk away from a Friday sounding like a genius predicting the entire grid come Sunday. 

Head over to the F1 Live Timing page if you want to learn even more details about how to never miss any of the action regardless of what life throws at you.

Immerse Yourself With The F1 Live Timing Platform Now