F1 2020 Schedule Says Hello & Goodbye To Circuits

F1 2020 schedule slated to ignite in Australia again on the 15 March 2020 is, without a doubt, the most exciting thing we’ve had in this action-packed sport. The F1 schedule 2020 racing year is a whopping 22 grand prix races deep – an absolute mega schedule for anyone desperate for more motorsports. While many have criticized the stress and logistical nightmares this is going to create for the drivers, leadership, and back-office teams, it’s a huge win for the fans. The Formula 1 calendar for 2020 has a mix of some of the traditional fan favorites still in play but also sees the additional of a couple new grand prix events.

Check out the video below – additionally be sure to subscribe on the Cranky Yankee Motorsport YouTube channel for F1 breaking news and engaging content regularly.  After the conclusion of the video, I’ll go in depth underneath about each of the new circuits to familiarize you with them. I’ll also include a table as well as a shareable infographic for you take the calendar with you to make sure you don’t miss a second of the jam-packed activities.

F1 2020 Schedule Gets Fresh Faces

While some of the most excited grand prix races from 2019 have left the calendar for now, like the German Grand Prix, we have in their place some amazing events. See a brief synopsis of those below.

Dutch Grand Prix – Zandvoort Circuit

The F1 2020 schedule will re-introduce a classic circuit and grand prix back into the fix for these highly talented Formula 1 drivers to showcase their skill. The Dutch Grand Prix is compromised of a partnership that made this deal possible. The partnering groups consists of  SportVibes, TIG Sports and the Circuit Zandvoort. This has lead to, at minimum, a three year agreement to keep the grand prix on as a FIA sanctioned event in Formula 1. The Title Sponsor for the Dutch Grand Prix is none other than Heineken.

Vietnam Grand Prix – Hanoi Street Circuit

The F1 2020 schedule welcomes a brand new event that has never before been run. Next April, the grid will make it’s way to Hanoi, Vietnam and race on 22 windy turns of the Hanoi Motor Sport Circuit. This circuit should seem familiar as Nurburgring and Suzuka inspired many components. The Vietnam Circuit is being designed by Designed by Tilke Engineers & Architects in conjunction with F1. As such, Hanoi challenges the F1 drivers to a bold 1.5 km straight as well as some exciting turns. Even just watching from afar this is sure to be a great race. But if you have the tremendous luck to attend the event, this vibrant city is sure to deliver an unforgettable experience on and off-track.

The one caveat on the calendar is the Italian Grand Prix. Ironically, one of the crown jewel grand prix events is still subject to contract negotiations. This article will be updated as the final announcements regarding the F1 2020 Schedule are solidified. Be sure to monitor the F1 News page or subscribe to ensure you don’t miss important F1 news updates. 

You can find the F1 2020 schedule list of events below.

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