Bahrain Grand Prix Qualifying: Mercedes Goes 1-2 for the 11th Time

Bahrain Grand Prix Qualifying: Mercedes Goes 1-2 for the 11th Time
“I don’t really know. It felt good, that’s the problem. It feels good and you feel like you’re extracting everything from the car but the lap time is not there. That’s the most confusing part. But I can’t really say much at the moment.

There was no mistakes in the last lap, I thought it was really good. It was like small things here and there, there was no one clear corner. So I need to find out but at least it’s another front row lock-out for us.”

bahrain grand prix qualifying

Bahrain Grand Prix Qualifying Results

Below are the final results for The Bahrain Grand Prix Qualifying session:

144Lewis HamiltonMERCEDES1:28.3431:27.5861:27.26416
277Valtteri BottasMERCEDES1:28.7671:28.0631:27.55316
333Max VerstappenRED BULL RACING HONDA1:28.8851:28.0251:27.67815
423Alexander AlbonRED BULL RACING HONDA1:28.7321:28.7491:28.27418
511Sergio PerezRACING POINT BWT MERCEDES1:29.1781:28.8941:28.32220
63Daniel RicciardoRENAULT1:29.0051:28.6481:28.41717
731Esteban OconRENAULT1:29.2031:28.9371:28.41914
810Pierre GaslyALPHATAURI HONDA1:28.9711:29.0081:28.44814
94Lando NorrisMCLAREN RENAULT1:29.4641:28.8771:28.54217
1026Daniil KvyatALPHATAURI HONDA1:29.1581:28.9441:28.61817
115Sebastian VettelFERRARI1:29.1421:29.14911
1216Charles LeclercFERRARI1:29.1371:29.16511
1318Lance StrollRACING POINT BWT MERCEDES1:28.6791:29.55711
1463George RussellWILLIAMS MERCEDES1:29.2941:31.21811
1555Carlos SainzMCLAREN RENAULT1:28.975DNF5
1699Antonio GiovinazziALFA ROMEO RACING FERRARI1:29.4916
177Kimi RäikkönenALFA ROMEO RACING FERRARI1:29.8106
1820Kevin MagnussenHAAS FERRARI1:30.1116
198Romain GrosjeanHAAS FERRARI1:30.1386
206Nicholas LatifiWILLIAMS MERCEDES1:30.1826


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