Heading into the final portion of The Mexican Grand Prix Qualifying 3rd round, Mercedes had this sealed up nice and tight for a double podium finish. All Valtteri had to do was run a clean session and not wreck. A shunt at this stage of qualifying would not only jeopardize the car’s ability to turn around, but also team confidence. Not to mention impact the drivers championship race which has been in F1 News a lot lately. Mercedes locked up the Constructors championship last round but Valtteri is still in the hunt for the title race.

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Valtteri Bottas Mexican Qualifying Wreck Explained

On the final turn approaching the control line, there’s a flat barrier that is just itching to catch some nose cones. Valtteri takes too much outside kerb setting up an aggressive exit. Smart if he had pulled it off. But his front left falters on the slick surface and it throws him into the wall. Because the wall is relatively parallel to the deepest trough of the curve, the angle were an F1 car to exit their racing line and have an incident makes it so as you wreck, you ride the wall. Eventually, the shear force and friction stopped Bottas. Luckily he’s okay, but strategically, and impact-wise, it was a tough one for Valtteri Bottas.

Mercedes still have a chance to play off eachother & keep the Ferrari boys off a 1-2 finish but now it’s going to be harder than ever. Expect one Ferrari driver to split the Mercedes F1 team 1-2 or vice versa with Lewis squeezing in there.