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Vettel & Webber Touch In Turkey

Since the events of The Brazilian Grand Prix, many have referenced the Vettel/Webber Turkey clash as a way to prove Vettel has exhibited this sort of behavior in the past. But without any analysis, onboard footage, or breakdown, it’s difficult to make that claim. In an effort to give clarity to this conversation and provide some unique insight, let’s go back in time and delve into the Turkey incident that corrupted the duo at Red Bull vying for the championship. A rockstar member of the Cranky Yankee YouTube community, Matthew Shorney, summed it up best:

“I think it’s really interesting to compare the two incidents. They look very similar but have subtle differences such as the previous actions and the direction of the up coming corner. On the later distinction – in Turkey, Vettel probably felt like he was ahead (not fully but half his car was ahead) and so felt that he had more of a claim to move across and attempt to take a more normal racing line into the next corner. Whereas in Brazil, Vettel doesn’t have to move to get onto the racing line, so the only reason to move is to squeeze Leclerc onto a worse line/make him lift. This ultimately fails because Leclerc stubbornly held his line. Whether Seb should have tried a squeeze in that situation is questionable given that it’s his teammate and he had such an overspeed it may have been unnecessary, but that’s open to opinion. Turkey and Brazil look so aesthetically similar that it immediately came to mind for most people, but there are subtleties which make them different.”

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