Racing Point’s RP20 Takes Familiar Form

As the customer team of Mercedes F1 team, it’s not unreasonable to think that many of the parts would be imported directly from The Silver Arrows. But how much is too much?

Where The RP20 & W10/11 Differ

It really comes down the nose cone. Many of the teams on the grid opt for more of a letter style box opening to allow air to pass underneath the car. While many teams have been successful with such a style, Mercedes has found success with a reduced nose to allow increased, dense airflow enabling The Venturi Tunnel for maximize downforce.⁣

The RP20 Actually Pushes The Design

What Racing Point did here is interesting because they also decreased rake. The more dense airflow towards center mass, combined with a flattened rear, enables a wider dispersion of that air expelled at a higher velocity out of the rear of the car. 

RP20 Cascading Flaps

Cascading flaps of the RP20 appear to be wider than that of the W10/11 too. This is also going to help with maximum air flow throughout the entire aero package Racing Point has opted for. 

What Do You Think?

Overall, they seemed to have taken the best aero concepts from the two best cars on the grid and gotten them to work together. ⁣But it won’t matter until we see race pace in Melbourne for Round 1 of the 2020 F1 season. Let me know below by leaving a comment if you think this is different enough or if you feel there should be intervention to stop this sort of mirroring from customer teams.

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