Verstappen Mexican Grand Penalty Shows Manners Matter

You don’t have to agree. I challenge you though, leave a well thought out objection citing rules and pointing at evidence instead of an anonymous “dislike”. The content gets killed by the algorithm and only helps F1 deflate independent creators. Also, I want to improve the content so send your evidence and opposing thoughts.

Sorry this took me so long, y’all. F1 refused to put the qualifying replay back up on F1TV. The SECOND they did, I made this for you. This one really bothered me because of all the poorly cited pieces of information. and this certainly isn’t “whataboutism” where Lewis gets a penalty too. But Verstappen is clear of Bottas when he realizes there’s a flag on the final corner and safe of the danger. Hamilton does THE SAME THING so unless you want to argue he wants to hurt his own teammate, the FIA made the right call the first time.

It’s not until he’s a fool in the press conference. But to be fair, that’s a very unfair approach to that question. Could he have handled it better? YES. But he never said he saw a yellow and pushed. He said he saw Valtteri crash and went on. Big difference.