Top 5 Memorable Moments From The 2018 Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix

The 2019 Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix is here. If that didn’t get you excited enough for the race weekend at Interlagos, I have captured The Top 5 Most Memorable Moments From The 2018 Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix. Before we get into the list I made you, let’s remember this is subjective but I tried to break them down into a nice mix of memorable, entertaining to watch as a fan, and entertaining to watch from the technical aspect of racing. Feel free to let me know in the comments how you shuffle these around. Also let me know if you have other that aren’t even on here that you think below.

But without further or do, here are The Top 5 Most Memorable Moments From The 2018 Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix:

  • Entertainment 100% 100%
  • Racing 80% 80%
  • Overall 90% 90%

1. The Renault’s Duke It Out

Hulkenberg and soon-to-be McLaren driver Sainz go wheel to wheel, side by side for almost a full lap as the 2018 Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix delivers on it’s promise to entertain. 

Carlos Sainz and Nico Hulkenberg had an absolutely phenomenal battle on the opening lap of the grand prix last year. Both of the Renaults were jockeying for position with Sergio Perez in their sites.  They went back and forth having micro changes for half of the length of Interlagos. In the end, it was Sainz who blinked first as Carlos Sainz was edged out by Hulkenberg after Sainz had a screeching lock up. The two had managed to touch gently as their battled persisted into lap 2 of 71 in Sao Paulo.


The shove heard around the world as two of Formula 1 bright stars square off on the track and off. 

A soul crushing moment for Max Verstappen who was driving brilliantly throughout the entire race, he was swiped by Esteban Ocon as Ocon was attempting to un-lap himself. It’s typical the back marker would yield to the race leader even in the absence of a blue flag. But Ocon and Verstappen have history from their fierce rivalry in the F3 feeder series just a few short years prior. Max Verstappen had found a way by the Ferrari’s and managed to get ahead of Lewis Hamilton. He was in the drivers seat of the Brazilian Grand Prix when he came up on a back marker. Ocon began to race Verstappen in an attempt to make sure he wasn’t lapped. On lap 43, Ocon clipped the rear right tyre of Verstappen sending them both into a spin. It ultimately was what cost Verstappen his victory and clinched the title for Mercedes AMG F1 as Lewis went on to retake leadership and the eventual race victory.

Afterwards, Max was seen in a verbal altercation on the weigh station as Valtteri Bottas looked on. It quickly escalated into shoving as both drivers were frustrated with eachother. The optics paint Verstappen as the antogonizer of the scenario but neither of them were microphone’d up so we’ll never know what was said to lead Max pushing Ocon. Verstappen had his revenge in Abu Dhabi as he gave Ocon a strong wheel bump as he passed him to successfully lap the Racing Point Frenchman.

3. Vettel’s Radio & Weigh Bridge Antics

Sebastian experiences the highs and lows of Formula 1 racing. Thankfully, he gives us an inside access look from the 4x World Champion point of view. 

There were two situations that made the four-time world champion superbly entertaining at the 2018 Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix. The first one more comedically driven, the second resulted in a serious fine. Scenario one was a team radio where the German Ferrari driver was alerting his garage of “something loose between his legs”. Vettel being Vettel used the opportunity to have a little fun. See the gallery below for how Sebs went on to clarify the loose items in his cockpit.

The second situation was less a joke though as Sebastian was called in during a pre-race session. Having not yet recorded a lap time, it was important he got some running in and got a time recorded as the grid was anticipating some inclement weather. The stewards insisted Vettel come in to be weighed immediately to which Vettel did not take kindly. He pulled in and as if being rude and rushing the marshal to complete his duties so he could get back on track wasn’t enough, Vettel in all the commotion broke the scale. He was fined  €25,000 the whole ordeal but avoided a grid penalty confirmed below by Ferrari’s official twitter account. 

4. Hamilton/Mercedes Championships – & The Celebration

The silver arrows go on to claim their 5th consecutive world constructors title and Hamilton claims his fifth world drivers title. 

Despite the conspiracy theories swirling about, Mercedes went on to claim the double world title after Verstappen had an incident with Mercedes young driver Esteban Ocon as outlined above. After having already achieved the historic Formula 1 world five times each, both Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes Benz still show the same exuberance a first time winner would. It’s this sense of hunger and how they are able to start fresh each year that keeps motivates them to greatness.

This is most evident in Lewis Hamilton’s candid celebration where he leaps with joy into the arms of his waiting garage pulls down the barrier separating the podium cars and the team crew in a fit of raw emotion. The lot of them all come tumbling down. It remains one of those special moments caught on onboard camera reminded us just how humans these drivers are.

“Yes! That’s it Lewis that’s the double mate! Mercedes AMG Petronas World Champs – Lewis Hamilton World Champ!”

5. Sauber’s Qualifying

Leclerc went on just after being confirmed he’ll be with Scuderia for an early promotion to classify P8 at the rainy Interlagos as his teammate snatches his best grid start ever.

Charles Leclerc was one of the drivers who stayed out the latest in the Qualifying session for the Brazilian Grand Prix. Having to balance the dangerous conditions with the rubbering in of the track, Leclerc chose to stay out for another run to see if he could take his then Sauber around Interlagos incrementally quicker than his previous attempt. He made a statement by putting himself on the fourth row with a time of 1:08.492.

He was joined on the 4th row by his teammate as both Ericcson and Leclerc went quicker than cars that had better tech than them despite the conditions. They had to balance the dangerous conditions with the rubbering in of the track and find incremental time around Interlagos. Ericsson wound up securing his highest grid start of his entire F1 career. Sauber had a good Saturday indeed having two cars starting in the points at the Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix. This hasn’t happened since 2004 when Felipe Massa and Giancarlo Fisichella were piloting the Saubers. What puts the icing on the cake was they were able to achieve this in rainy conditions when skill is of the upmost importance. After reading this full recap of what happened last year, you may be thinking it’s not possible to top that level of drama. But in Sao Paulo, we always find a way. This weekend should be no different. Head over to our race blog for updates all weekend long and enjoy The 2019 Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix.